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About Us

Our Team Brings:


  • Masters in Vocational Rehabilitation from Western Washington University

  • AA in Chemical Dependency from Pierce College. Chemical Dependency Professional, CDP

  • Bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from Pacific Lutheran University

  • Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC)

  • Authorized Social Security Ticket to Work Provider since 2009.

  • Partnership Plus MOU with Washington State DVR.

  • Authorized Contractor for the Medicaid Waiver Program (Washington State Only)

We are a national employment network virtual office with new branch offices in Texas.

Our staff: 


We have qualified employment case managers ready to provide you with excellent supported employment services.

We have a National Certified Rehabilitation Counselor with a Masters in Vocational Rehabilitation with over 20 years of experience. 


Our Vision:

To provide extraordinary employment services to people with disabilities.

Our Mission:

To empower people with disabilities to become self-sufficient by obtaining meaningful employment.

Ticket To Work

The Ticket to Work and Self Sufficiency (Ticket) program is a Federally-funded employment program designed to provide Social Security disability beneficiaries (i.e., individuals receiving Social Security Disability Insurance and/or Supplemental Security Income benefits based on disability) the choices, opportunities and support they need to enter the workforce and maintain employment with the goal of becoming economically self-supporting over time.


What is a Trial Work Period? If you receive SSDI, your TWP allows you to test your ability to work for at least 9 months. During your TWP, you’ll receive full SSDI benefit payments, no matter how much you earn — as long as you report your work activity and continue to meet Social Security’s rules for disability. The TWP continues until you accumulate nine TWP service months (not necessarily consecutive) within a rolling 60-month period. Social Security uses the amount you have earned in a month before subtracting taxes, to decide if a month counts toward your TWP. In 2019, if you earn $880 or more, or work more than 80 hours in selfemployment in a month you’re considered to have 
worked a TWP “service month,” which is counted toward your TWP. In 2020, this monthly amount increases to $910. You may have heard of substantial gainful activity (SGA), but this amount differs from the TWP amount.  Social Security uses SGA later during your path to financial independence to determine your eligibility for benefits. Unlike with SGA, Social Security cannot use other Work Incentives to determine if your work activity meets or exceeds this established amount. So, in 2020, if your pre-tax income is $910 or more, you’re using a month of your TWP. 

Ticket to Work is a long term commitment that you are making once your ticket is assigned. 

Here is what happens when your ticket is assigned and you have started working 

You will not be subject to medical reviews of your disability while participating in our program.


 Assistance in reporting your wages to Social Security to assure timely posting of your earnings and little to no chance of overpayments.


 Problem solving – Call us with any issues at work, we can help you resolve them confidentially.


 Referrals for Assistance with ADA for Discrimination Issues. 


 Re-employment services if needed – If your job doesn’t work out, we will help you find another one.


 We will make sure your cash benefits don’t end before they should, and your medical benefits aren’t terminated when they shouldn’t be.

Employment and Vocational Services

Career Counseling

Create an Individual Work Plan. 
Identify barriers to employment. 


Develop a strategic plan to maintain long term employment.

Job Seeking Skills & Training

Learn how to: 

-Read and assess job ads.

-Obtain job leads. 

-Complete applications.

-Prepare a resume specific to you. 

-Interview for a job.

-Create your own personal interviewing portfolio.

-Assist you in finding and maintaining suitable employment

that is consistent with your vocational goals and experience.

Job Accommodations

-Work with your employer should you need reasonable and suitable accommodations. 

-Work adjustment counseling and work culture training. 

-Monitor your Social Security Benefits to prevent overpayment.

-Referrals to outsides resources, if needed. 




"Cynthia Swendsen is my Employment Network Counselor, and I am so glad that I am connected to her.  She is out of Washington State, yet regardless of where she is - a feel a lighthouse in the harbor somewhere.  After going through so much nonsense with the local VR agencies, it is so nice to have someone in your corner who definitely has a calling for their own vocation, and completely understands the concerns connected to those facing disability barriers to employment.  Thank you for your gracious understanding of what I am going through on all these interviews, and helping me to not get so discouraged.  Definitely, someone to know!"




BRWE, LLC is committed to providing quality services to people with disabilities. To that end our services are based on seven core ethical values and adhere to the following core values:

  1. The rehabilitation process is a planned sequence of services related to the needs of the client for the sole purpose of achieving an Employment Outcome.

  2.  To have integrity is to uphold ethical principles. BRWE is committed to uphold what we do and say with consistency, predictability and reliability.

  3. Quality speaks to doing everything to the best of our ability. And we are striving to better meet the needs of our clients and referral sources through consulting and training throughout the year.

  4. Respect is in regards for the intrinsic worth of each client. BRWE, LLC is a respectful entity that affords clients the opportunity

  5. Confidentiality is to be entrusted with private information. We must be good stewards of the confidence and trust that clients put in BRWE, LLC. To that end BRWE, LLC will treat every client with the utmost confidence.

  6. To be honest means to be truthful. BRWE, LLC understands the importance of honesty even when it is difficult.  It is difficult to meet any ethical standards without honesty and truthfulness.

  7. Fairness can be understood as a concern for how others are treated. BRWE, LLC is committed to treating each client fairly without prejudice or discrimination.

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